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My fiancé, Olsi, was only 21 when he was shot three times in the chest and killed on November 28, 2017. Every day, intrusive images appear out of nowhere in my mind — of me holding his dead body, of his lifeless face. This man I planned to spend the rest of my life with, raise a family with, was gone in seconds.

Ever since that night, it’s as though a part of me died with him. It’s been two years, but sometimes I still catch myself writing the date as 2017. My life stopped the night he died. Life has lost its meaning. How is it possible that someone so good, so smart, so selfless, could be taken so senselessly?

If the perpetrator did not have a gun, my Olsi would be here with me today.

Olsi’s story isn’t rare, and that is a tragedy in itself. We MUST keep working to pass good sense gun laws, and put a stop to the slaughter of innocent people.

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