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Pamela Bosley

In memory of Terrell Purpose Over Pain / The Terrell Bosley Anti-Violence Association

My son Terrell Bosley was an active and vibrant young man who played sports. He was a gospel bass player, playing for great artists around the city of Chicago, and loved his family. Twelve years ago, April 4, 2006, Terrell at age of 18 was shot and killed by a 45 caliber on the ground of a church.

Terrell’s dream of traveling the world and being successful in his music was ended by senseless gun violence, and his case remains unsolved. After the devastating murder of my son, my goal was to continue to be Terrell’s voice by telling his story while saving my other two sons and other youth from senseless gun violence. This devastation changed the directions of my life. I am now empowered to make a difference in the lives of youth and of parents whose children were taken by violence. I am empowered to be a voice for Terrell while addressing every day shootings. Also advocating for common-sense gun measures and teaching young people to be leaders and guiding them to discover their own voices and abilities to bring change to their communities. Also I support parents whose children were murdered, since I understand this hurtful pain.

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