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pastor gail p rutledge

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My story is just like most. I have written a book, Breaking the Pattern Through God Grace, for one purpose only: to help stop women from falling into the pattern of abusive men. I was a preacher and still am. But most preachers won’t be honest when they are in an abuse situation.

I had a 30 put to my head and he got so mad until he beat me upside my head with it. I would have seizures. I had healing later in life and no more seizures. I have had three marriages, and every one of them was an abuser. If it was not physical, it was mental — all abuse. I got tired and said, “No more abuse.” I refuse to be abused again.

I have been choked almost to death. Driving down the road, him trying to kill me and my daughter by taking the car wheel and going round and round until my daughter placed him a chokehold.

Scars all over my body. Threats if I told the police he would kill me.

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