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Pastor Melody Geddis McFadden

In memory of Patricia Ann Geddis

At 17, life forever changed and forced me to become an adult. I had to help take care of my three little sisters, who saw our mother shot and killed by her boyfriend. I had been raised by my granny because my mother had me at 17, and she was taken from me when I was 17. She was strong, smart and beautiful. She loved to cook, grow plants and could do anything that she put her mind to. Because she was taken from us so early in our lives, our saddest moments have been some of our happiest moments: weddings, graduations, births and birthdays. I shall never stop telling the world her story because if a person living in domestic violence leaves and lives, then neither Patricia Ann Geddis’ life nor her death are in vain.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.