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Patricia Glenn

In memory of Ciera

My life has changed tremendously since my daughter Ciera Glenn was murdered on October 30, 2010, three days after her 25th birthday. I am now raising her son Robert. He’s now 15 years old; he was 7 years old when her life was taken from her. I’m always nervous. I have anxiety attacks. I cry all the time; I will never be the same. I’m afraid for my family each and every time they leave the house. My grandson gets it the worse. He says to me, “Grandma why I can’t go different places? Is it because you think I’m going to get shot and killed like my mommy?” I really feel bad, but I’m really afraid that he’s going to get killed like his mother. I’m afraid for my life too. I make up stories in my head about getting killed; I think about it all the time. But the person who took my child’s life took my family’s life also.

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