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Priscilla Thomas

In memory of Jabarie Thomas

My story through gun violence. My son Jabarie Thomas was murdered February 8, 2023, in his home, by someone he considered to be a friend. My life was drastically changed that day. I was served a life sentence of heartbreak, pain, sadness, sleepless nights and crying. We do not want to bury our children. We want our children to bury us.

Gun violence is at an all-time high all over the world. In the midst of chaos and trauma, we all long for the same thing, peace. We need to dig deep and see what can be done to decrease gun violence. I say decrease because we can’t 100 percent stop gun violence. We must get back to the basic concept of LOVE. In order to make any advances to stop gun violence. Nothing can truly solve the problem of gun violence because the problem is within. Individuals who murder have a problem within. I’m going to live the rest of my life pushing for an end to gun violence. My son’s memory and legacy will live on through family.

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