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My son was killed December 9, 2022, by gun violence.

My son was hanging out at his friend’s house when my son’s friend’s ex-girlfriend came with her male cousin. An altercation between my son and the male cousin arose, and the male cousin shot my son multiple times. This has had a very huge impact on myself and my family. My son was a very loving person with a heart of gold. He loved his six-year-old son beyond what words can express. The pain that grips my heart everyday is unbearable at times.

It is so unfortunate that young kids are able to get a hold of guns, and the impact it has is devastating. My son was a hard worker who was just promoted a week before his death.

The pain of never seeing my son aging, and my grandson not being able to have his Daddy in his life, is so hard to accept. It is very hard to understand that due to an act of gun violence, we lost my handsome son, who had such a beautiful smile and a charming personality.

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