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Rachel Weddington

In memory of Timothy Patrick Morris III

I am Rachel Weddington. On February 3, 2022, I got that fateful call that there were shots fired and now crime-scene tape and one person taken away from my 19-year-old son’s home. My son did not own guns and was home with just his roommate at the time.

I watched hell freeze over in Seagoville, Texas that night, as my son’s body lay in the room with detectives and officers coming and going. Screaming and sobbing.

The confessed killer and roommate was out on bond before my son’s service.

It will be two years, and we are still awaiting trial. There is a hearing soon. Please pray for us.

I have had too much gun violence experience, with my prior boyfriend shot in a robbery 2011. And just December 3, 2023, my friend lost her daughter by gunshot; there’s an ongoing investigation.

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