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Rafael Burgos

My name is Rafael, father of my beautiful loving gem. Her name is Alexandria Imani Burgos. Alexandria was my only daughter; she was the light of my life, daddy’s little girl. As a baby, Alexandria was observant, so loving and funny. Alexandria loved the beach and loved sports, especially basketball, dancing, softball and swimming. She loved holidays because the family would get together; as a child, family was very important to her. Years later, after she was killed, we found a journal she would write in, and that was something she wrote in her journal: how much family meant to her. At 18 years old, she even wanted to get a tattoo infinity sign.

She had a younger brother; they were only 17 months apart. She loved him so much. Even as a child, her friends would call her Mother Teresa, because she looked after her brother and everyone else. Alexandria was shy but a motivator, and she was ambitious. She wanted to study to be a social worker. She loved hanging out with her closest friends, going to the movies and baking. She even went to culinary school in high school. On October 19, 2014, she was killed by a stray bullet.

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