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Rashaan Iman Salaam: Sole CU Heisman trophy winner. Papa Bear.

In honor of Rashaan Iman Salaam (the sole University of Colorado Heisman trophy winner) R.I.S. Up. For Ru Ru! R.I.S. Up!

My last time I saw my Papa Bear face to face, with tears, Rashaan said, “You will do good things.” I took offense, as where was our pluralism and talk of us, not me?

December 5, 2016: I didn’t have any idea my world would be shaken — that I would almost become destroyed in brokenness, heartache and abandonment. The love of my life, at the time, committed suicide by gun. I had to turn my excessive pain to purpose. To not let this enemy of gun violence become the new norm for our wounded loved ones who believe they have to suffer in silence.

If Rashaan only would have known how his choosing that way to numb his despair would impact those of us left to pick up the pieces of our shattered dreams. In my case, my King, it was for us together to finally live our happily ever after.

I seek to be the voice for Rashaan where he can’t. To speak that suicide by gun impacts all walks of life. He is still the sole Heisman Trophy winner. He had burdens as well. Moms Demand Action gives me the vocal platform to attempt to heal our wounded; not wound them.

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