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Raymond RJ Pantoja

In memory of Raymond RJ Pantoja Ray's Rhythm for Justice Foundation

I am a survivor of gun violence. My youngest son, Raymond Pantoja, known as “RJ,” had his life stolen as he attempted to be a peacemaker. He attempted to help someone in trouble and saved this individual’s life but lost his own when a man he did not know, did not exchange words with, or fight with, walked up to him and shot him once.

One bullet ricocheted through RJ and took his life and affected everyone who loves RJ.

RJ loved music and his family. He was a mathematician, knew three languages, loved laughter, had a great sense of humor, and always made anyone feel loved.

His favorite adage was, “If no one has told you they love you today, I love you!” It is the words he lived his life by, sharing and spreading love. We remember RJ always. I am his voice! Be the change with action! We remember and honor the lives of all who have been affected or directly impacted by gun violence. Be the Change you want to see in this world.

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