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Rebecca Weiker

In memory of Wendy Weiker Re:Store Justice

It has now been 29 years without the wonderful presence of my sister Wendy. And even though her loss still is a well of deep grief, I celebrate the 31 years she was here. I want to celebrate her deep commitment to women’s rights, the peace movement and nonviolence, and the seriousness with which she undertook her professional life and work in a community mental health clinic. The absolute joy she took in being a mother. The unconditional love and friendship she gave to her siblings. Her passion for singing, even though she did it badly. Her graceful swimming, her goofy dancing, her skillful baking. The wonderful, passionate, funny, stubborn, loving, righteous, spirited human being that was Wendy. Her example still motivates me, and much of what I do, and who I am, is inspired by her work to bring peace and justice to the world. Her memory is a blessing, and for that I am grateful.

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