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Reginna, for our Nate

In memory of Nathaniel McKelvin III

Life as I once knew it changed forever on Friday, November 15, 2013. My sweet, sweet nephew was gone due to senseless gun violence.

My nephew, Nate, aka Roller Skatin’, was 21 years old when he was taken away from his mom, sister, grandparents, our entire family and this world. To know him was to immediately love him! Not only a tall, handsome young man, but a smart, caring, sweet spirit with the most infectious laugh you could imagine. When he laughed, which was often, you didn’t even have to know why…you would just laugh too! He loved everyone and would have made such a positive impact in this crazy world we live in today. I hurt because he didn’t get the chance.

I think of him almost daily, and I smile because of our memories. He touched many lives in his earthly life and I know he still is in his heavenly journey. Nate was a wonderful young man, and I was fortunate enough to be his auntie. He is missed every minute of every day. Nate III ❤ 6.26.1992 – 11.15.2013 ❤

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