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Rita Norris

In honor of Chad Norris The Robby Poblete Foundation

My son, Chad, was a wonderful young man. Adored by his family and his friends. A bright light in our lives. On June 16, 1993, Chad had gone to a friend’s, and as they were walking back from a grocery store, he was shot to death by two strangers in a drive-by shooting.

Nothing in our lives has ever been the same since that night. It changed everything in our lives … every holiday celebration, every birthday … every single day. It destroyed his youngest brother, who idolized Chad. We live every day with this heartbreak, knowing that we will never see him again because of those two strangers with a gun.

Gun violence in this country destroys lives every day. It is time that our country starts valuing its citizens more than guns.

We miss our Chad, our bright light, so much. I don’t want another family to suffer this kind of loss and heartache.

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