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Robin J. Lillie

My 29-year-old son, Tyler J. Pearson, was murdered on October 24, 2019, and was found dead three days later, on October 27, in the apartment that he shared with his then-girlfriend and two children. His girlfriend’s brother was given the key by her, to enter the apartment when my son was there alone. He entered my son’s apartment, shot him multiple times, and closed the door and locked it. My son was found three days later, deceased. He had just turned 29 years old on September 14.

Because decomposition had set in, I was forced to cremate my son and have a big poster of him at his funeral. My son’s ashes are sitting in a blue urn in my home right now! My son has three kids: I’m only able to see one, who has a different mother. I am not able to see the two that he has from his ex-girlfriend because she is involved in my son’s murder. My son’s murderer is still walking the streets, terrorizing people, doing home invasions and living his life. I miss and love my son very much.

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