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Rochelle L Russell

In honor of Phillip Cunningham Jr The Breanna Banner Ladybug Society

I lost my 19-year-old nephew on “Bloody Monday,” April 25, 2022, when we had three people murdered by gun violence. My nephew was shot in the back of his head by his childhood friend ON PURPOSE, and left on the floor to die. The boy who shot him was 20 years old.

His death affected me greatly. I understood the pain his Mom was about to endure because I lost a child years prior — not to gun violence; however, the pain is still the same. Watching her hurt really made me angry. Guns have devastated my neighborhood, and I hear gunshots on a regular basis. Rapid fire at times. We can’t continue to sit by and watch the youth and innocent people across our country be murdered by senseless gun violence. It has become my mission to help my community find a way to end gun violence. Thank you for all your work to help end gun violence.

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