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This happened to me about 16 years ago. In broad daylight, as I was walking through a pizza parking lot towards my car, I was approached and attacked by a man that had a gun. He attempted to take me and carjack my car. All the time pointing the gun to my head.

I tried giving my keys and purse to no avail.

I was not going with him. I struggled and screamed! He began punching me, knocking me to the ground, then continuously kicking and beating me with his gun.

Someone finally heard my screams, causing my attacker to run, and to this day not caught. I suffered wounds on my head that totaled a 115 stitches, along with cuts (needing stitches) and bruises on my face and arms.

I survived that attack on my life, but I will never forget it. BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS!!!

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.