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Saleemah Graham-Fleming

M.O.S.T Outreach Inc.

My 15-year-old daughter, Sanaa, was kidnapped from our home in Columbia, South Carolina, and murdered on April 5, 2021. It took 24 days for us to find her body, making a proper burial impossible due to extreme body decomposition.

Sanaa was lured away from home on the night of April 5—coerced by her “best friend,” another teenage girl, into a car with two other teenage boys. Shortly after they pulled out of our neighborhood, guns were drawn on Sanaa. She was driven 46 minutes away from our house and gunned down approximately 11 times. She was then buried in a shallow grave by these same trusted “friends.” These same “friends” would watch us search for her in the community for 24 days and, when eventually apprehended, confess not only to her murder, but also to where her body was buried.

Since my daughter’s murder, I have become an advocate for families affected and an activist against gun violence. Our family has erected a non-profit organization in honor of Sanaa call M.O.S.T Outreach Inc. Please visit the website at www.mostoutreach.org. Let’s end gun violence now!

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