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sarah heyman

I am beyond privileged, yet I have been associated with three horrible mass murders, which all garnered headlines. I am an alumnus of Virginia Tech, was formerly part of the Tree of Life synagogue community in Pittsburgh, and my brother and his family live in El Paso, where my nephew’s beloved wife’s family missed the Walmart shooting by just a few minutes.

I also have had a friend murdered, another friend’s son murdered, and my husband’s best friend used a gun to end his life.

In America, no amount of privilege insulates you from gun violence; this just points out how inequity makes those less fortunate more vulnerable. I don’t want anyone anywhere to have to suffer anymore because we have lax gun laws, poor mental health care, an inequitable system, and because the people who hate based on race, religion, gender orientation or just simple rage have unaddressed problems.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.