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Sarah B

In memory of Neyaka Oliver

During the early hours on a morning this past March (2019), my beautiful daughter became a victim to a homicide caused by her boyfriend, who then killed himself.

He had just recently been released from jail and continued his controlling, manipulative ways against her. She didn’t want family and friends to worry about what exactly was happening in her, so she dealt with all kinds of abuse from him. She did what she was advised to do from our local police and DA’s office; however, unfortunately, it was not enough to save her.

I came home to find my daughter had been shot one time in the head, and her boyfriend had shot himself and was slumped over in front of her. The anger that I feel is so real. He will never have to face any time or consequences for what he’s done to me or our family.

It’s a lot easier said than done to get away from the hands of abusers. He knew she was trying to get away, and this was the unfortunate outcome.

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