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I have been personally threatened by an armed gun owner on two occasions that happened in 2005 and 2009.

I was a real-estate broker living in my hometown. Divorced and living alone, I was attending a party with several friends, having the usual fun, when one approached me and asked me to be a designated driver for an intoxicated person. Given that I was sober, I agreed. We began the short drive in the city to his residence; I drove and the intoxicated person was in the front passenger seat. I didn’t ask if he had a gun in the car, and suddenly, he pulled it out of the glove compartment and pointed it at my skull, threatening me if I wrecked his car. The next morning, he called me to apologize for his serious mistake, and we have never been in the same car since.

Second, I was inside a grocery store armed robbery, next to a school in my neighborhood, while shopping. I fortunately carried a cellphone and called 911. Customers hid in the storage room until law enforcement arrived, giving us the all-clear to leave the store.

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