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A man armed with several AK-47s, a handgun, and more than 1,000 bullets positioned himself on the balcony of his fifth-floor apartment. He had a tripod-like device, where he rigged one of his four semi-automatic weapons to become fully automatic, and began shooting. Two hundred thirty nine bullets entered my school building, and 800 were on the school property. The glass walkway that connected two buildings was shattered. The shooter livestreamed it.

A policeman was nearby and radioed for backup. He got shot in the intestine.

In about two minutes, all the major law enforcement agencies were on the scene: FBI, SWAT, ATF, local police, and Secret Service (government employees’ kids went to the school). Secret Service located where the shooter was coming from, scaled the building, and got on top of it, where they had a gunfight with the shooter. The shooter ran inside his apartment and locked himself in his bathroom.

SWAT had to clear every single apartment in the shooter’s building. As the SWAT breached his apartment, he killed himself. Meanwhile, another SWAT team believed the shooter was inside the school, and they broke down 27 classroom doors trying to find him.

It barely made the news.

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