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Shannon Tenney (A Mom)


Two days before Christmas, on December 23, 2021 (so, not even a month ago), my son went to spend the night with his two best friends, Adam and Quenten, who lived together in their own home. All three of our boys were 19 years old!

Adam gave a handgun to Quenten for Christmas. Quenten told Matthew to check out his new gun, and my son even checked to see if it was loaded. He didn’t know how a bullet is put in the chamber or how to check if one is in the chamber. (I don’t really know if I’m explaining it right.) The gun went off and shot Quenten, and his life was lost — sadly and tragically and FOREVER.

Now, three families are changed. Adam can’t stop screaming; he can’t eat, can’t sleep. Quenten’s family will never hold their child again! And my son is sitting in a jail cell for the “manslaughter”of his best friend, whom he would NEVER hurt! If my son can just get out of jail, we are going to tell the story to change lives!

Raise awareness in Quenten’s name! #QuentensQuest

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.