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Sharon Smith

In honor of Dyshon Garner

On August 30, 2017, I lost my youngest son, Dyshon.

Dyshon was called Shon by family and friends who knew him as a kid. His neighborhood friends and classmates called him Shizz.

He loved to play basketball and listen to music. He had music playing from the time he woke up until her went to sleep. He even played music in the shower.

He has two children, Saiir (6) and Saniyah (2).He loved doing things with his kids, playing with them with their toys, going to school plays, and recording Sai singing and doing silly things to make Saniyah laugh.

Dyshon was the youngest brother of three boys. He was a Momma’s boy. He would always call and check on me and make sure I was OK. Every year for my birthday, he would try to be the first person to say it to me. 

He had just gotten a camera a month or so before he was shot. He loved taking pictures of himself and the kids. Before we went anywhere, he would always say “Mom, take my pic real quick.”

He loved to eat seafood, so on his birthday, we would have seafood dinners. Sweets was another of his weaknesses. He loved candy, cake and water ice. It’s crazy that water ice was probably the last thing he tasted.

On August 30, Dyshon went into the corner store near our home. He bought a water ice and beef stick. As he left the store he got into a brief argument with a guy and proceeded to walk away. The guy then shot Dyshon three times in the back. He was shot just minutes after buying a water ice.

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