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Hi I’m coming on here to say this: I’ve had three brothers killed and a nephew. Thaddeus Miles, Nathaniel Casey Jr. and Phillip Miles. Tyrell Miles is my nephew. Encountering situations like these is never easy, and people don’t realize the pain it brings to a family until it’s their loved one. My life changed because all the names I gave didn’t bother anyone. My Tyrrell is all I can say. There never was a time I couldn’t call him or he couldn’t call me and say, “Auntie, I’m coming, I say you, know where I’m at.” They took the baby of my nephews, his mom, Tisa’s baby, son and only child, and my brother’s baby boy. These are some deaths we can never get back. My three brothers and nephew, cousins, or whatever the case may beā€”each were someone child. Period.

So it’s time to put these guns down and stop killing each other because “oops” is too late. Guns do make you bad; they cause trouble. Put down the guns and let your weapon be that Bible. Fight with the word of God. Families hurting, scarred for life.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.