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Shela Blanchard

In honor of Teresa, Monica and A.J.

July 1993, after a fun-filled girls’ night out, my friend Teresa Norris-Hall, 26, was taken by a violent act of gun violence. I met Teresa through work; her vibrant personality and energy of love captivated everyone she met. It took months to plan this night. Our night ended with good vibes — the four of us danced, laughed. We had so much fun.

Saturday morning, running errands, I stopped at a store. The young lady asked, “Did you hear about Teresa?”

I said, “Teresa who?”

She replied, “Teresa N. Hall.”

“No, I was with her until almost 2 a.m.,” I said.

She said, “She was killed on her front porch.”

“What?? No Way!!!” I immediately left the store. The closer I got to the house, I saw the yellow tape; reality and grief-stricken tears overtook me.

An unidentified gunman had fired a shotgun into the group of family members and children on the porch, hitting Teresa in the head. Her case remains unsolved. The pain and trauma remains. How could this happen? I honor her, my niece Monica, Bea, Derrick – all the Oregon District victims’ and A.J. through my advocacy.

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