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Shenee Johnson

In memory of Kedrick Life Support National, Inc.

Since my son’s murder, our lives were completely altered. I remember taking Kedrick’s little brother to the emergency room for an injury he received during karate class. When the doctor asked me how many children did I have, Kedrick’s little brother and I looked at each other and paused for a very long time. I didn’t know what to say. I mean, I gave birth to four sons, but one child was murdered by gun violence. I was thinking to myself, what do I say? If I say four children, would the ER doctor’s next question be, “What are their ages?” If I say three children, would that erase the memory of my son Kedrick? I was at a loss for words, and that moment was painful for both me and my surviving child. The constant reminder that we will never have Kedrick back, my son and his brother. The scars and pain of gun violence that people don’t see.

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