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Sherrell D. Carter

In memory of Sherrell D. Carter

Hi, my named is Freda Brown.

I never in a million years thought I would be telling a story of a loved one that I lost four years ago on February 3, 2019. My daughter, Sherrell Carter, was murdered by her children’s dad. She was shot five times while she was sleeping. He stated that a burglar had came in and killed her but left him living and children anything wasn’t taking. My understanding before all of this took place he offered to pay other people to take her life for him. He also attempted to do it himself on other occasions. Now I’m raising her three children. At the time they were three-year-old boy,  four-year-old girl and five-year-old girl. They are now seven, eight and nine. They are officially adopted by me, Freda Brown/grandmother. I have them in cheerleading and football; that gets very expensive.

The first trial were a mistrial back in September 2022. The second trial, they found him guilty and gave him 60 years—a big relief was lifted up. I almost let depression, anxiety, PTSD and etc take over my life.

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