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Sherri Delaney

In honor of Emily Todd

My world fell apart on December 9, 2018 when my beautiful granddaughter, Emily was murdered by someone who should never have owned a gun. She only knew him for a very short period of time but long enough to know she wanted to end any future relationship with him. He managed to convince her to meet him on the night of December 8 and that was when he killed her.

Emily was such a beautiful person, inside and out. She lived each day with the belief that kindness matters, gladly giving up holidays so that she could spend them with her elderly patients that sometimes didn’t have visitors. She had her whole life ahead of her to continue that kindness and fulfill her hopes and dreams as an artist and one day having a family of her own.

Our family is heartbroken beyond words, especially Emily’s parents and younger brothers…..…..nothing will make that go away……ever. Her aunts, uncles, cousins, grandfather and friends are devastated that such a beautiful soul could have been taken from us. A piece of me went with her that day as we were close. I’m 76 years old and she was not supposed to leave this earth before me.

We are a very close family and will work together to do whatever we can to get legislation passed to get better regulation on gun ownership. It has to happen – no one should have to feel what our family is going through.

Emily’s light and love will be with us but our lives will never, ever be the same.

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