February 1-7 is National Gun Violence Survivors Week. Join us to honor survivor voices.

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Some say a picture is worth 1,000 words

The pain of having your child’s life taken by gun violence is something that you will never forget. Some can only imagine, but as survivors we don’t get that privilege because we are living it. We live with missing our child every day. We live with trying to find our way. We live with having to set our dinner table differently. We live with everything becoming an instant memory. We live with attempting to create new traditions while the pain still visits. We live with the pain of having our child’s life taken away. Often times I sit and wonder what my child would be doing at this moment. I wonder if he has gotten taller, because before his life was taken, I stood at his shoulders. I wonder if he would have facial hair. I wonder if his favorite NFL team, colors, foods and things to do would have changed. I have missed him being physically present for his 15th, 16th and 17th birthdays here on earth, but I will never forget his birth. This upcoming school year would have been his senior year of high school, and I will not get to experience yelling his name with great esteem and honor as he walks across the stage to receive his diploma. But the exchange for a diploma for a crown always places some comfort in my heart. I hurt every day and in every way, just thinking I will no longer get to see him for any more birthdays — March 7 will never be the same. I no longer get that privilege because I am living it. I am a survivor and these are my #MomentsThatSurvive #Everytown #SurvivorStrong #OurTearsMatter #KeepGoing #BeSMART

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