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Stacie Payne

In memory of Cameron William Selmon Justice For Cameron Inc

Cameron is my son, given to me by God 24 years ago. Some of the best times of my life were watching him grow from a baby to a young adult. For 19 years on Earth, I had the greatest job, as I was chosen to be his mom.

Cameron was smart, fun to be around, lovable, stylish. He was a charmer… and if you ever saw his smile, well, it was simply contagious. Cameron was small in size (5’6″), with the heart of a giant.

Cameron had dreams to become a dentist. However, his dreams and other aspirations were not fulfilled due to his life being taken in an act of senseless gun violence. Cameron’s physical life ended on October 22, 2015. There was no chance for me to give him one last kiss, one last hug, “see you later” or “goodbye.”

Almost six years later, I still struggle. I struggle because my heart doesn’t understand whether it’s been six years, six months, or six days. For me, it’s not true what they say: Time doesn’t heal all wounds.

As a mother, my greatest job was to protect him. As an Angel mom, my greatest job is to keep his memory alive.

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