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Stacy Frank

I was working in my office, and all of a sudden I heard what sounded like two women arguing. I recognized one of the voices, but not the other. I looked up at my associate, who was working in her office across the way, and we both had puzzled looks on our faces. I had never heard an argument at the office. But, this event wasn’t about an argument with two women at the office.

Then I heard a bloody scream and…pop, pop, pop. I suddenly realized that there was someone in our office with a gun. I had no idea that the gun shots were 14 feet away from me in another office. An office that would be closed for at least a year. Could the person whose voice I recognized be the shooter? Could the shooter be coming after me? Could the shooter shoot thru my closed door? All of these things were going through my head. I quickly closed my door, dove under my desk and called 911, as did my fellow employees.

After my 911 call, I called my husband and told him that a shooter was in the office and to take care of our kids if anything should happen to me.

The office suddenly turned so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. It seemed like forever until help arrived, but then I heard the police and felt a bit of relief. They were great…took control of our office. They herded all of us in the conference room to take our statements. I remember that one of the employees held my hand so tightly and didn’t let it go as we listened to the officers tell us that they would take our statements and escort us out of the building.

It was a scary time. I never heard the sound of a gun; I always felt safe working in an office, which is a false sense of security for anyone in America today.

We later learned that one of our employees was shot dead by her husband after he found out that she was having an affair. He also took his own life. This event didn’t affect just two lives? This event affected 100 employees that experienced the event, the two people that were killed, the two children that they left behind and their grandchildren, who will have to explain why they don’t have grandparents.

It amazes me that our President or leaders in our country who support PRO-LIFE and saving the UNBORN won’t do anything about gun control to preserve life AFTER WE ARE BORN!!!

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