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Stephanie Smith

In memory of Darrell L. Smith, II Mikey23 Foundation (My little cousin)

I too have experienced a devastating loss. On March 31, 2021, my 16-year-old son, Darrell L. Smith, II, was shot and killed around 7 p.m., as he drove my truck. The individual that pulled the trigger was attempting to rob my son by placing a gun to his head. My son slapped the guy’s hand/gun away from his head and started to pull off while he was rolling up the window. The young man was still holding the gun with his finger on the trigger. As my son pulled off with the gunman’s hand in the window, the man ended up shooting my son through the heart.

My son tried to drive to the hospital but collapsed behind the wheel of the truck. He told his girlfriend twice to “tell my Mommy I love her.” Luckily, there was a witness, and the young man was arrested. We are currently going through court. My son would have graduated this year, and I am grateful I will be able to walk in place of my son to retrieve his diploma.

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