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Stephen Diseme White

In memory of Stephen Diseme White

My son, my baby boy, Stephen Diseme White was gunned down and killed on April 17, 2020. My Stephen, my baby, was my pride and joy. The loss of him made my life, destroyed my life, feels so empty. Stephen was that goofy person who made you laugh all the time. Stephen loved music, loved to dance; we all would do Tic Tok dances together, me, him and his sister’s. Stephen left behind his precious one-year-old baby girl, who is the sweetest little girl. She looks like him. Now his little sweet angel has to see him from a picture. I have Stephen’s pictures all over the wall in my living room. His baby girl, she just looks at his pictures and points and smiles. I believe he’s talking to her.

We now carry my baby boy in our hearts everywhere, and now I’m my baby’s voice. Stephen Diseme White—we miss him so much. Now the house is so quiet. Stephen was the light of the house. There was never a dull moment; he was the life of our house.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.