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Stephen Venable

In honor of Stephen Venable

My son’s father (my ex-husband) and my son’s half-brother were victims of gun violence. They were both murdered in a home invasion on January 13, 2003. I was previously married to Stephen’s dad.

This tragic shooting deeply affected our entire family. Stephen’s dad’s and his brother Bill’s lives were snuffed out too early. Stephen’s dad was not able to enjoy his grandchildren and watch them grow up. He was robbed of the chance to grow old with his wife.

My son is very involved in this organization. It has helped him so much to share his story with new friends and supporters in Moms Demand Action. He has a great, emotional story to share that, while it is a terrible thing to have to share about, hopefully has helped others with their grief and pain.

He is a true advocate and hard worker for Moms Demand Action. He was very fortunate to have met Joe Biden while he was on the campaign trail. I sure hope we can get some laws changed — especially background checks — while Joe Biden is in office.

My congresswoman is Lucy McBath. We are so proud of her and her efforts as a gun control advocate.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.