February 1-7 is National Gun Violence Survivors Week. Join us to honor survivor voices.

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My name is Sydney. I am 20 years old. And I am a survivor of the UNC Charlotte shooting. Though I was not in the classroom that day when a former 49er opened fire, the day will forever be ingrained in my memory. I was sitting outside the library when he opened fire on the other side. People came running out, crying and screaming in a way I will never forget. I ran and I hid. He was in the classroom I had been in hours earlier. The people that passed, though I didn’t know them, I grieved for them. I prayed for the injured and still follow some on Instagram. I have since been diagnosed with PTSD. I left the school and moved home. I am learning every day how to live with this new normal. Rest In Peace, Riley and Reed.

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