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In honor of My brother, Cameron

It’s true that all of us are just one phone call from our knees. That phone call came for me on January 25, 2015, from my mother, wailing incomprehensibly, that my 22-year-old brother was dead.

Cameron ended his life with a gun he had purchased just three days earlier. I sat in shock on my bedroom floor while my roommate and boyfriend tried to help me up, lay me down, feed me water, do anything to help me through the worst night of my life.

It’s nearly impossible to describe how incredible my brother was. He was intelligent, kind and compassionate. He had so much more to experience, and life had so much more to offer him.

If Cameron had not been able to acquire that gun so easily just a few days before he died, would he be sitting here across from me tonight? Would the next day have been better? Would he have changed his mind? I’ll wonder for the rest of my life.

Miss you forever, Cam.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.