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Tori Lynn Busch

In honor of Tori Lynn Busch

Our 19-year-old daughter was on vacation at the beach with her friends for Labor Day weekend in 2020.

On the last night, a verbal argument broke out between a few people in the beach condo. Tori tried to lighten the mood and diffuse the argument, and this cost our daughter her life.

One person retrieved his gun, chambered a round, aimed it at my daughter for talking back, and pulled the trigger. One bullet straight into her neck at very close range.

Our lives have been devastated by senseless gun violence. Tori will never graduate from college, get married, have her dad walk her down the aisle, have children, or have the life that she so rightfully deserved.

One person’s actions and horrible choice has destroyed our family and taken our sweet girl away from everyone who loved her.

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