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Tracie R. Garnett

In honor of Devin Matthew Wright

Devin was intelligent, witty and full of life. Being his mother was an honor and a joy. Devin was in Delaware, starting his third year of college, when his life was cut short by senseless violence.

On September 27, 2020, Devin attended a party at a park. Shots were fired, and he was hit by a stray bullet. I received the call that changed my life forever: “Aunt Tracie, we were at a party, and Devin got shot.” We traveled to Delaware to be with him, but he died on September 28, 2020.

Devin was robbed of a bright future filled with love and happiness, and I was robbed of my opportunity to watch my child reach his full potential. Devin didn’t get to celebrate his 21st birthday; he will not graduate from college, find love, or raise a family.

I’m heartbroken, and it’s hard to believe he is really gone. I’m doing my best to carry on without him. I pray that Devin is smiling down on us from Heaven and that he knows he is loved forever and sorely missed.

No arrests have been made as of this post (June 2021).

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