total hearts received for Moments That Survive


I’m saddened by so many acts of gun violence and the normalcy of it over the many recent years in the United States. Personally it touched home when an armed woman opened fire at the office complex I am a property manager at in Northern California. It was a very horrific day that I had hoped I would never have had to be part of, but there I was, taking action as a leader and extending my training to help to save lives as best I thought we could.

It seems that mass shootings have now reached a point when they become just another statistic, like robberies or vandalism, and are not being treated with the same support for immediate action like immigration activity at the border with Mexico or revoking the right for women to choose. The loss of lives and ease for which guns are accessed in this country is a real emergency, and there’s been no other situation I’ve been able to recognize in my life that is in need of more serious attention and change.

Reacting shows support for gun violence survivors.