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Victoria Hicks

In memory of Tre-Quan Malik Hickmon

My life changed for a second time on September 10, 2019. My son was 20 years old and killed by someone that was supposed to be his friend. There are all kinds of stories flying around, but I won’t know until the trial. His murderer was cold-hearted and didn’t care. He chose whether my son lived or died.

Tre will never be able to give me grandbabies, get married or start his clothing line. Tre was a lovable son, big brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, etc. He loved everyone and always kept a smile on his face. He was a talented young man.

Tre was killed in front of my sister and her family. I had to find out through messenger or Facebook. It already surfaced when my mom called me at 12:10 p.m. His grandmother had to find out on Facebook. That’s not what I wanted; I just needed my privacy at that very moment. I couldn’t see my son until that Friday, when he came home.

He is very missed, and visiting his grave is so hard. Losing Tre has made me look at life differently, and I’m not the same person I was almost eight months ago.

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