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Whitney Brown

My daughter Whitney Brown was killed August 13, 2015, as she and her friend, Devon Fletcher, stood outside on the sidewalk, talking. An unknown vehicle passed down the street, shooting, and Whitney was struck with Devon. Whitney‘s five-year-old son ducked down in the backseat to keep from being shot, along with her sister—youngest sister—at the front of the vehicle, ducking down, watching in horror, as her sister fell against the vehicle. Her younger sister rushed to her, holding her, telling her to breathe. Whitney’s last words to her sister were “I love you.” Her son watched in horror as his mother passed in his aunt’s arms.

Whitney wasn’t the only one who lost her life that day. Her friend Devon, with whom she was standing, talking, also lost his, leaving behind a two-week-old daughter.

Almost every day I see a mother falling to her knees, asking, why did they do this to my child? We need answers as well as a solution. Hear us. Don’t just give us a Band-Aid; we need safer gun laws. My daughter and her friend didn’t have to die, but they did, from a AK-47.

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