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William Daniel

On August 17, 2022 — recent, yes? I know. Seven weeks ago, 53 days ago, but who’s really counting? Most definitely me, no shame. It has been a hard process, many downs, many “what could I have done?” questions. And also “What can I do?” In reality, the “could have” just simply does not exist. But what I can do is very much in the present and the future. I hope my story helps spread awareness as well as hope.

My boyfriend committed suicide in front of me: one single shot to the head. Only 27 years old. And here I am to say: Everything will be OK, there is hope, and we can end gun violence.

The trauma I lived, the constant fight I endure with myself … it’s not easy, but I want to be that change. If my story can help others and find a way to help spread awareness and be part of the movement, I will keep speaking up. I had to be strong without knowing how strong I was, but I am here and ready to fight this epidemic. We can end it. There is hope.

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