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Yosmary Godkin

In honor of Yosmary Godkin

I am the husband of Yosmary, and I want to take a moment to share how gun violence has affected our lives. On Wednesday, January 26, 2022, my wife was in a car, sitting at a stop sign, when she heard shots being fired. All of the sudden, she found herself feeling faint and realizing that her face was searing with pain and that the feeling of cold blood running down her neck was coming from a bullet wound to her left cheek and jaw area. She blacked out as her foot slipped off the brake, and her car drifted across the street and up on the curb of the T intersection where she was stopped. I can’t believe she was not hit as her car crossed the street.

I am thankful that a good samaritan came to her rescue. I am grateful that she did not die and is not paralyzed. The good news is that she will recover — physically, that is. The mental trauma is another issue. A victim of another senseless shooting! I hope that we as a society choose to change our gun laws to be more responsible.

Peace and love wins.

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